What To Look For In An Office Chair

So, you finally convinced your accountant that you can afford to spring for a few new pieces of furniture. However, before you rush out and spend your money, you want to be sure you buy the right chair. After all, you will be using that chair for at least forty hours a week over the next few years. To get the most value for your money, follow this simple guide on what to look for in an office chair.

The most important thing to have in an office chair is the proper back and shoulder support. Look for an office chair that has an adjustable mid back or an ergonomic back that can be adjusted for height and depth.

If you have an L shaped desk or frequently open your filing cabinet, you should also look for chairs with a swiveling seat and legs with casters. These design elements make it so much easier for you to reach for an important file or turn to grab a fax from your fax machine.

If you have legs that are shorter or longer than average, you should be sure your new chair has another function, a pneumatic lever. This lever allows you to quickly and easily raise or lower your chair's seat to the ideal height. Besides making you more comfortable, proper chair height also allows you to sit so that you do not place unnecessary strain on your body.

Comfort Level

Since you will be spending a lot of time using the chair's seat, you should test it out to make sure it is well padded and large enough to cradle your body comfortably. For even more comfort, take a look at chairs that have memory foam seats. Memory foam can permanently form itself to best suit your particular sitting position. It basically remembers (hence the name) the shape of your rear end and adjusts itself accordingly.

Finally, take a look at the chair's fabric. While leather chairs look sleek, sophisticated, and expensive, they are not always the most comfortable chairs. If you aren't in control of the office thermostat, you may find yourself sticking to the chair on warm days. For more comfort, you may want to opt for a chair made with breathable stain resistant fabric. This allows the same level of comfort but also means the chair can cleaned easily without ruining it.

Basically when you're evaluating your office chair go for function instead of style. Go for durability instead of hype and slick salesmanship. Choosing a sturdy yet comfortable office chair is one of the most important decisions you make when working from home so don't rush it.