Ever Consider Using An Office Stool Instead?

Do you feel uncomfortable when you sit in traditional office chairs? If so, you may want to take a look at another seating alternative, home office stools. Picturing a bar stool? Home office stools have a very different design than what you'd expect to find in a bar or pub.

These stools are made so that they can be adjusted to fit your height and allow you to sit comfortably without having your feet dangle above the ground. Most of them have a pneumatic feature that allows them to be adjusted in seconds. This adjustable height is also a wonderful feature for people who have a drafting desk and a computer desk in the same office. Since these desks are different heights, using an adjustable stool allows you to avoid having two chairs of different heights.

As you shop for the perfect stool, you may want to make sure that you look for one with casters, so you can easily move the stool around to complete tasks on another work surface. If you don't buy a stool with casters, you can still swivel around to work on a nearby surface if the stool has a swiveling seat. While some stools have the traditional four leg design, many of them have five legs to add further stability. Even the four legged stools are fairly stable, however, since they have a wider base than bar stools.

Office stools usually look fairly modern. Most of them have chrome or aluminum legs and a black vinyl seat. However, if you want to look for a stool that has a bit of color, you can shop for models with brightly colored molded plastic seats instead. This can also lend your office a retro look in some cases.

Finally, if you like the versatility of this type of seating, but just can't sit on a stool without some back support, you can even shop for stools that have adjustable back rests. This will give you all the comfort of using a stool with the back support of a proper office chair.