Other Types Of Home Office Furniture

Office furniture doesn't stop at just buying a desk and chair. There are are numerous other items of furniture that your home office might require. Some of these are not essential and others will just be a luxury.

The first area worth looking at is providing additional storage. Your desk will quickly become overloaded with paper, files and additional bits of paper you don't need. The solution? A filing cabinet.

Filing cabinet
When you first start out in your new business you might feel that organization and tidiness can be implemented later on. From experience getting organized at the start prevents you from having to clean up a big mess later on.

A small filing cabinet is all thats required. One file for invoices, one for receipts, one for bills. If you start keep your records in an orderly manner at the start you'll thank yourself in 12 months time. You have my word.

Desk lamp
A good desk lamp is important. Working for yourself is going to involve working during the night at times. A quality desk lamp can be purchased for just a few dollars but again don't cut corners on your lamp. If you are working late at night there's nothing worse than having to fiddle with your desk lamp to get a decent amount of light from it. Time wasted on such things is time better spent improving your income.

Desktop pad
These are handy for organizing appointments and just for making notes. If you've never used one before it basically consists of what looks like a large mousemat with a calendar and notes area that you can tear off and replace with blank sheets. An ex-boss of mine used to live his life from these desktop pads. Every appointment and note from day to day and week to week was kept there.

Computer storage
It will amaze you how quickly blank discs begin to clutter your disc. Demo software from clients, data backup discs and copies of all your mp3's strewn all over your desk in a chaotic manner.

This is bad news because firstly it's untidy and secondly you're going to damage those discs by just leaving them lying around.

There are numerous disc storage systems available but after much testing the Bodyglove clamshell design are the most effective. They're neat, portable and just about indestructible.

You will develop a collection of magazines and books related to your business. Shelves will come in handy. If you're a DIY fan then put these up yourself. If not then don't run the risk of drilling 2 dozens holes in the drywall trying to find a wooden stud - just pay a carpenter or DIY buddy to do it for you. You'd be surprised at just how cheaply a carpenter can put shelves in your office.

Tables and seating
This is only a consideration if you intend to have clients visit you. That being said if clients are going to visit then first impressions last. Make sure the tables and seating in your guest or conference area are on a par with what you'd expect yourself when visiting another company.

Whiteboards in your home office?

Whiteboards aren't just for boring training sessions. They're one of the most useful home office tools you can have. I'm living proof!