Home Office Comfort

As you design your home office, remember that to be productive you need to be comfortable. Once you have established the basics - i.e., where to locate your home office (in the spare room, kitchen, garage, basement, off the bedroom, porch, or attic), what office furniture you need, and your budget - it's time to make your home office space inviting and comfortable.

There are of course other things to take into account such as ergonomics, whether you want to buy new or used swivel chairs and even what the main function of the chair will be. But if you stick to the above as the basis for your shopping list then you'll be off to a great start in choosing a great office chair.

Convenience at Your Fingertips

A key to office comfort is convenience. Is your home office conveniently located in your home (i.e., close enough to supervise the kids but far enough from household noise/commotion)? Examine the layout of your home office.

Is your telephone, computer, printer/fax machine within easy reach of your office desk? Do you have to walk across the room to your filing cabinet, or can you simply turn around in your office swivel chair? Is your desktop spacious enough to hold a cup of coffee in addition to your mouse and paperwork? Do you have an office fridge to keep cool beverages and your favorite snacks nearby?

Ergonomic Home Office

To avoid office-related maladies such as back strain and carpal tunnel syndrome, ask yourself: Is my computer chair the right size for my body? Do I have enough back support? Is my office desk at the right height? Is my keyboard at the right angle and within easy reach of my fingers?


Being organized isn't only good for productivity; it's good for your mental health! For maximum home office efficiency and comfort, be sure your desk drawers are organized and that office supplies used on a daily basis (i.e., staplers, pens, pencils, erasers, paper clips, ruler, notepad, calculator) are at your fingertips.

To keep track of your appointments, business meetings, social events, daily schedule and long-term plans, invest in a desktop calendar or in a day/monthly planner. You can use on online calendar, a decorative wall calendar, or a personalized photo calendar that sits on your desktop.

For the eco-friendly office, discover the wonders of an office whiteboard, which operates like a chalkboard, allowing you to write, erase, and re-write without wasting paper or ink. Instead of using a regular whiteboard marker that eventually needs to be discarded, consider a refillable marker that has the ink equivalent of 20 regular marker pens. A cork board on your office wall is another trendy tool for posting memos, reminders, favorite motivational savings, and pictures.

Home Office Lighting

Eye strain is known to cause headaches, fatigue and decrease productivity. For your utmost comfort, explore the myriads of modern-day office lighting solutions. In particular, position lights so that they do not reflect on your computer screen or cause glare, and remember to consider the shifting of natural light throughout the day.

Some popular lighting options for a home office include task lighting, desk lamps, floor lamps, light bars, pendants, clamp-on lamps, mini-reading lights, fluorescent bulbs, halogen bulbs, dimmers, and more. Since office lights now come in a wide array of styles, sizes, and even colors, functional lights are also highly fashionable and can complement any office décor.

Whistle While You Work

Nothing enhances an atmosphere more than the right type of music. Whether you listen to music while you work, in order to relax, or when you take a break, invest in high quality speakers or a good set of headphones. Keep a variety of music CDs or online music favorites handy for easy and relaxing playing.

Home office comfort will surely set you on the path towards creating the home office of your dreams!