Bright Ideas for Home Office Lighting

With today's wide array of practical, stylish, and innovative office lighting solutions, you can now shine some bright light into your home office by selecting light fixtures that best suit you!

Office Lamps

Among the many types of office lamps available are desk lamps, floor lamps, table lamps, incandescent lamps, halogen lamps, and clamp-on lamps. These office accents come in an array of colors, sizes, and styles to match every type of home office décor! Highly functional, these most versatile light fixtures can also complement your sense of style! For layered lighting (lighting at different intensities), play around with a dimmer or a three-way bulb, and consider lamps with lamp shades for a terrific reading experience. Use lamps as an additional layer of light in a room, tall floor lamps to light up an entire room, and table lamps to eliminate shadows and brighten dark corners.

Task Lights

Whether you are reading, writing a report, or checking paperwork, there is a task light perfectly suited for you! Task lights may be desk lamps, floor lamps, pendants over your workspace, light bars beneath your desk, or many more! Remember to position lights so they do not reflect on your computer screen or cause glare, and keep in mind the shifting of natural light throughout the day. Track lighting or picture lights can also be used to showcase artwork or framed diplomas and certificates.

Ceiling Lights

Ceiling lights are the traditional way most kitchens, bedrooms and hallways are lit. However with today's focus on mixing function with fashion, you can find Venetian ceiling lights, fluorescent ceiling lights, colored ceiling lights, and many more.

Alternatively, chandeliers love taking center stage as they bring glamour and glitter to your dining room, an aura of majesty to the foyer, or beauty to the bedroom.

Pendant Lights

Providing direct or diffused light, pendant lights are one of today's modern lighting solutions. An alternative to conventional chandeliers, look for hanging pendant lights, rise & fall pendant lights, energy efficient pendant lights, multi-light pendant lights, and many more.

Wall Sconces

Great space savers, indoor and outdoor wall scones are spot lights that can replace traditional lighting or be used to shine a spot light on a prized piece of art, diploma, or outdoor space.

More Contemporary Lighting Choices

Mixing professional style with personal taste and eye-pleasing results, additional contemporary lighting choices include: ceiling fan lights, low-voltage lights, halogen bulbs (lasting twice as long as regular bulbs), fluorescent bulbs (lasting almost 10 times as long as regular bulbs), incandescent bulbs (the cheapest means of lighting your office), colored lights, and skylights.

And if you want to simultaneously light up your office and whistle while you work, check out the latest in advanced technology lighting options: the iHome accent lamp with built-in iPod dock and speakers! Complete with volume control and 6-watt speaker output, this innovate lighting idea plays and charges your iPod at the same time.