Clocks for the Office

Time for a New Clock!

When it comes to furnishing your home office, take time to consider the decorative and functional powers of office clocks. Office clocks are the perfect blend of function and fashion, business and beauty, and corporate and quirky! A must-have home office accessory, office clocks increase organization, punctuality and professionalism, and make a distinctive decorative contribution to your office décor.

Telling time has never looked better than with today's wide array of stylish clocks! From classic to contemporary, elegant to whimsical, desk and wall clocks, designer clocks, retro clocks, personalized clocks, mantel clocks, alarm clocks, executive clocks, grandfather clocks, mechanical gear clocks, and many more, counting the minutes has never gone so fast! For clocks that are truly unforgettable, you can also choose theme clocks featuring sports, cartoon characters, music, celebrities, and more.

Types of Office Clocks

Watching the time go by has never been more interesting, personal, or entertaining! Here is an up-to-the-minute summary of some all-time office clock favorites:

Desk Clocks: Desk clocks often reflect the interests or personality of the desk owner. Some popular desk clocks are framed, elegant clocks, handcrafted clocks, sleek contemporary/designer clocks, personalized, engraved, or customized clocks, alarm clocks, digital clocks, and whimsical novelty clocks.

Floor Clocks: Also known as grandfather and grandmother clocks, pendulum clocks, or chime clocks, these timeless pieces feature extraordinary craftsmanship, are typically made of handsome wood, reach heights of up to six feet, and have an air of permanence, stability, and classic beauty. Commanding attention, floor clocks can easily serve as a focal point of your home office decor.

Today you can buy floor clocks at affordable and discount prices, or you can wait for overstock clearance sales and/or shop online for great deals.

Wall Clocks

Wall clocks don't only keep you on track, on schedule, and on the go: decorative wall clocks can be collector's items, serve as wall art, compliment your other home office furnishings, or make an unforgettable statement all of their own! From classic and modern Quartz clocks to timeless Howard Miller clocks, there are wall clocks in every style, shape, size, color, and pattern to choose from!

Howard Miller Clocks

Howard Miller clocks, considered the best in the industry, earn their reputation from their fine attention to detail, unsurpassed craftsmanship, highest quality materials, clever designs, and all-around excellence. Boasting the most extensive collection of grandfather or pendulum clocks in the world, and now featuring all types of clocks (floor, wall, and mantle) in a wide range of prices, you can chime your way to charming and office décor with a Howard Miller clock!

Mantle Clocks

These handsome clocks are never behind the times! From elegant and traditional-looking, to sophisticated, sleek, and modern-looking, mantle clocks add style and sophistication to any home office. Look for prestigious mahogany or cedar mantle clocks, reflective optical crystal mantel clocks, engraved mantle clocks, Roman numeral mantle clocks, or mantle clock sets including picture frame and pen/pencil holder.

Specialty Office Clocks

Don't let time pass you by: If you want to stay au courant, don't miss a beat and check out these specialty office clocks with modern features:

•- Desk Clocks with calendar display, temperature display, alarm clock, stop watch, appointment reminder

•- World clocks with 12/24 hour time formats

•- Dual chime clocks, including volume control and nighttime automatic chime shut-off option

•- Nautical clocks

•- Analog clocks

•- Calculator clocks

•- Calendar clocks

•- Picture frame clocks

•- Musical clocks

•- Weather clocks