Updated Roll top Desks Which Accommodate Computers

If you love the look of a traditional roll top desk, yet have found they just don't seem to lend themselves to the computer age, then take a look at the updated roll tops which are specifically built to hold your CPU, keyboard, mouse and all the other accompaniments to the typical computer setup. While a roll top desk offers a nostalgic way to create a beautiful office workspace, it can also be incredibly functional.

Today's modern roll-top computer desk will include specially designed flexible roll tops which are heavy-duty and slide easily. The contemporary roll top will also contain specially designed areas for printer and CPU, preferably a slide out board for the keyboard to rest on, supply storage, ports for various cables and wires and plenty of space for a comfortable work area.

The roll top desk was a consistent fixture in early 19th century homes, and has recently made a comeback for those who want to add both class and tradition to their homes. Look for a sturdy wood construction in a stain color you truly love, as this type of desk will last for decades if it's well-made.

The traditional roll top desk will have at least six large side drawers, preferably two larger ones which are suitable for hanging files. The typical middle drawer, used for pens and pencils and such will be sacrificed as the keyboard slide out will need to go in that space, however most roll top desks are not lacking in drawer space. The top part of your roll top computer desk will have the traditional nooks and crannies and a variety of small drawers-one of their best features-as well as areas for file folders, and a space for your printer or CPU.

Choosing the Best Computer Roll Top Desk

It is very important to first measure the space where you intend to put your new desk, remembering that a desk of this type is typically bulky so you want to ensure you have enough space. Look at different models, and, if money is not a problem, go for an oak desk as they really will last and last. Of course an oak desk will be extremely heavy, so make sure you have a good idea where you want to put it so you don't end up trying to move it around. One of the greatest features of the roll top desk is, of course, the roll top itself. Even if you are the type of person who rarely keeps a tidy desk, at the end of the day, simply close the roll top and no one will be the wiser.

When you are looking at desks, make sure you test the roll top thoroughly to ensure it slides easily with no hitches. Many roll tops come with a lock, making it a perfect place to leave your confidential papers or accounting documents out of sight of curious eyes. Simply lower the wooden slats whenever you need to take a break, turn the lock, and there is no need to turn off your PC. While most roll top desks will come with letter-sized file drawers, you can special order one with a lateral filing system.

The versatility of the new roll top desks can accommodate the choosiest user, and is great for students, moms, accountants, writers, or really anyone who uses a computer and needs a functional yet beautiful desk.