Setting up the Perfect Writer's Space

Freelance writing can be a great job, allowing you to do what you love without leaving your home. While many writers have a specific area in their homes where they write, others wander from place to place hoping to find the perfect spot where inspiration flows. Some take one look at their chaotic office, and look for a more peaceful spot to create-and make a living. If you've decided it is high time to have your very own space for writing, where the outside world does not venture in unless invited, consider the following ideas.

Location, Location, Location!

Your first task in choosing the perfect place to write is to find a spot where you can be physically comfortable for hours at a time. If you write for a living, then you are well aware that especially when deadlines loom, you may feel like you have become a part of your chair-or couch, or whatever you currently sit on. It's extremely important that you find a place that is physically and mentally comfortable and calm.

If you already have a home office, then it may be a matter of getting everything that does not pertain to your home office out of the room-like the treadmill, the basket of unfolded clothes, the kid's toys you are tripping over and the cat's dish. Making your office truly an office rather than the "junk" room where everything that doesn't go anywhere else goes can go a long way in increasing your comfort and inspiration.

Make it Your Own

Once you've found your space, whether it's an entire room (lucky you!) or simply a space or corner in another room, make it your own small oasis. If you have only a corner, consider a folding screen to give you some privacy and cut your space off from the rest of the room.

Decorate your writing space with things you love-things which let your creativity flow, things which give you peace and stimulation all rolled into one. Photographs of loved ones, paintings you love, flowers or plants, a small, bubbling water fountain, and, if you love music, a cd player or mp3 player with all your favorite tunes for background noise. Paint your space your favorite soothing color, add curtains you love, a warm inviting rug for colder days, then make sure you have everything you need right at your fingertips.

Tools of the Trade

You will need a good solid desk with lots of room for your computer, printer, keyboard, desk accessories, as well as a physical area to actually write, longhand. It's important to keep this space, as sometimes inspiration flows through a pen when it is stymied by a computer keyboard.

Your desk should be arranged for maximum efficiency and comfort. If possible, a bookcase on one side of the desk, and a file cabinet on the other can make life much simpler and keep all reference materials at hand. Paying extra for a chair which is both comfortable and supports your back is definitely worth the money, as is spending a bit more for a desk you absolutely love as opposed to one that is merely "okay." If you love the look of a roll top desk with all the drawers and cubbies, there are new ones on the market which accommodate computers and computer accessories, so look around before buying.

And Finally...

Ensure you can access the internet from whatever spot you choose before jumping into moving furniture and redecorating. Check for available plug-ins so you will be able to have all your electronics plugged in without cords blocking your walkway. We all know that caffeine can be a writer's best friend, so keep a small coffee maker in your writing space, along with a few healthful snacks. This can save you going to the kitchen when you get hungry or thirsty, then seeing that the dishes need washing, then doing a couple of loads of laundry, other words, avoid all the distractions you possibly can for maximum efficiency!

Other writer space essentials include a coffee cup, water glass, tissues, pens, paper, waste paper basket, and a physical dictionary and thesaurus unless you use the online versions. Make sure you have sufficient lighting in your space, and keep things organized-constant chaos can put a halt to creative writing.