Home Office Computer Armoires
What is an armoire?

The term armoire is probably not one many of you are familiar with. It sounds almost like a type of weapon doesn't it? Armoire (pronounced arm war)is an old French word which means "tall cupboard or wardrobe". This particular term has stuck around over the centuries and is with us today when furniture companies need to describe computer desks that fit this model or style of furniture.

More Popular Than You Think

Believe it or not you've all seen computer armoires even though you've never described them as that. A computer armoire is one of those computer desks with doors that close to completely conceal the fact that it's a computer desk. These armoires are normally quite tall with 2 to 3 levels in each one. Not all armoires have doors on them however - some are open plan so that the computer is visible to the outside world. The most popular armoiries, however, are designed to conceal the fact that theres a computer in the room at all. This is to maintain the homely feel of the room - by hiding the technology behind small closed doors.

Armoires for home offices are available in a variety of finishes from dark oak to distressed white so you should be able to blend your new furniture into almost any home setting without ruining the overall flow of your decor. Some of the new armoires even have corkboards and/or whiteboards fitted to the inside of them to further add to your home office facilities.

Computer armoires are great for organizing a home office which is located in a very small or shared space. They allow you to pack the maximum amount of equipment into the smallest possible space. They do provide an ideal solution for somebody wanting to work from home but who can't dedicate an entire room to their home office.

Be very careful when buying an armoire and make absolutely certain that the dimensions of your computer unit fit the dimensions of the desk with some slack space. What this means is that don't measure the fitting down to the centimeter - you need to make some allowance for moving equipment around inside the armoire and also for cables etc.

Armoires should be used only where space or style is an issue. If you have enough space for a normal sized computer desk then it is recommended that you make use of that space for your own working comfort.