Have You Ever Paused To Think About How
Much Electronics Have Transformed Our Lives?

Most of you seldom pause to think about how portable electronic technology has changed your lives and the world as a whole. Every aspect of our lives, from the smallest to the biggest, involves these devices. Portable electronics have even changed our social structure. Imagine a world without laptops, cellphones and PDAs. Chaotic? Confused? You betcha! We've become dependent on these tiny electronic marvels that permeate every part of our lives.

Even more amazing is the speed at which this technology has been developed. 20 years ago scientists would have laughed in your face if you mentioned that people would be able to carry a powerful computer in your shirt pocket. That has now become reality. Better again would be to try to explain that you could carry around enough computing power to control a spaceship in your briefcase or backpack. Then tell them that students all over the world would own their own portable personal computer that they could use for both college work and entertainment.

They'd be equally stunned if you said that hundreds of millions of people all over the world would be using cellphones to make local and long distance calls. These same cellphones would sometimes be as powerful as the miniature computers people carry around with them but only the size of a bar of candy. You'd probably be greeted with the kind of reception they give to mad people when they tell stories.

This is all without explaining laser pointers or any of the thousands of other tiny electronic devices that we all take for granted. Our portable technology hasn't advanced so much as raced forward in huge leaps and bounds. Mankind has never experienced such a rapid advance in technology as a whole and it continues to shape and change our lives every single day.