Thinking About Buying Your First Laptop Computer?

There was a time when the portable computer was the plaything of the rich or the wealthy business person. The average person couldn't afford one of the new IBM desktop Personal Computers nevermind a $10,000 portable computer. Even if they could afford it there was no software for these computers really and definitely no games. In the early days portable computers (before laptops were even called laptops) simply weren't popular because they were large, heavy, noisy and not very user friendly.


How times have changed? The large portable computers got much, much smaller and became known as laptop and notebook computers. Laptops are quickly becoming as popular as cellphones and in some cases almost as cheap. Those once bulky and annoyingly loud business "toys" have now become the sleek, sexy ultra-gadget that everybody wants to own. The grey and beige monsters than once weighed more than a small car are now cheap, light and powerful. Not only that but laptops and notebook computers are now supplied in a huge variety of styles and colors. Alienware for example supply some of the most stunning laptop computers that you'll see anywhere, ever. They're as much a work of art as they are functional computers.

The reduction in both the size and cost of laptop computers has mean that they've become increasingly popular with everybody from computer hobbyists and students to pensioners who are using the Internet for the first time. Classrooms are now more likely to see the use of laptop computers than ever before.

It's easy to understand why laptops are so appealing. If it's a work tool then you can effectively and quickly take your work with you wherever you go. Modern laptops are wi-fi capable which means that you can have Internet access at the gas station, in McDonalds, on street corners or even on some of the more modern passenger jets. You're never truly disconnected from the Internet.

It doesn't need to be all work, work, work though. Laptops nowadays are more than capable of delivering the entire multimedia experience with games coming top of the list. To play the latest, cutting edge games you may need a gamers laptop but most laptops will quite happily run most other games for you.

All the Great Things Laptops Do

You're a music fan? Great! Laptops are ideal here too. With something like Windows Media Player, Realplayer or Winamp your laptop now becomes your own perfect jukebox. Convert all your current CDs (and yes even old vinyl) to MP3 format to play on your laptop through its speakers or through headphones. You can carry hundreds of CDs worth of mp3s around with you in your new portable buddy.

The last big appeal of a laptop is its ability to play DVD movies. The idea of being able to watch your favourite movie while stuck on a long train journey or in airport departure lounge is very appealing. Or if the house is crowded at home then you can simply take the laptop to another room and enjoy your movie there. If you don't like watching the movie on small screen then you can always hook your laptop up to your TV and watch it on that (if you're lucky enough to have one).

The good news is that there's a laptop out there to match everybody's budget. You don't need to spend thousands of dollars anymore. More often than not a few hundred will do and if your budget is really tight then you can buy some great used laptops on eBay - you'll be amazed at the bagains you can find there.

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