Picking The Best Printer For Your Home Office

Picking out a printer for your home office can be a real chore. You're surrounded by so many choices that it can be genuinely difficult to pick out the best small office printer from the pile. Or at least the best printer for your needs. Every month magazines and websites display the "best printer ever, ever, ever...." so of course this leads to even more confusion on your part.

The biggest obstacle that most of you face is simply not being sure where to start. There's so many types of printers and brands to choose from.

There are 3 basic types - laser, inkjet and dot matrix.

Dot Matrix

This is the oldest type of printer available on the market today. These printers are very similar to typewriters in that they use an inked ribbon that's struck by a printhead to produce the print on the paper. Dot matrix printers were once on the cutting edge of print technology but are now in the dinosaur category as far as modern printer technology is concerned.

These printers are still used in many companies today however. Why? Because they're the only printer capable of being used with carbon copy paper so banks and payrolls departments in many companies still have to use these noisy beasts.

Unless you have a specific need for a dot matrix printer you'd do well to consider other printer options.