Apple Notebook Computers - No Longer Just A Tool For Music Geeks

Apple have a long history in the world of computing. They've been responsible for so many huge advancements in home computing and especially in terms of user interfaces, reliability and style. Without Apple we'd never have experienced the joys that are mice, icons and Windows-based interfaces. When the world was introduced to the first Apple Macintosh home computer the competition had to sit up and pay attention. Apple had set the standard for what was acceptable in terms of home computer techology.

Apple then fell on hard times however. Several bad products released and the firing of Steve Jobs (the vision behind the company) led Apple to fall into decline rapidly. They've now come back stronger than ever however and they have two things to thank for that, iMacs and the new range of Apple iBooks and Powerbooks.

If we look at Apple's image in the computing world. Their computers are loved by their users and have found a real niche with graphic designers, artists, ,web developers, musicians and schools. The wide availability of Mac software to suit these markets has made Apple a real driving force behind certain industries. There was something unique about being an Apple owner. It made you somewhat "special" in the eyes of other computer owners.

Now although the world is full of graphics artists, web designers and electronic musicians these markets don't generate enough profit for Apple to grow as a company and compete with the likes of Microsoft, IBM and Dell. Apple had found it's niche markets but was no stuck there with, seemingly, no way out. That feeling of being trapped is not something Steve Jobs could deal with so he decided to make some changes and these changes took the world by storm.

The new breed of iBooks and Powerbooks have taken the computer world by total surprise because they've broken the mold on the styling of laptop computers whilst still remaning true to the Apple vision and the unique Apple product styling. The iBook and Powerbook look like nothing else on the market right now coming in a white, silver, blueberry and sporting no sharpe edges. This type of laptop is equally at home either at work in a graphic design studio or at home in a studio apartment playing MP3's.

A Step Further

In 2006 Apple then took the laptop concept a step further with the introduction of the Macbook and Macbook Pro. These two new laptops designs not only took Apples design ideas to new heights but also took another important step. For years a primary complaint for many Mac users was the lack of cross platform compatibility between Macs and PCs. The new Macbooks eliminated this problem by basing these new laptops on Intel processors and architecture aswell as featuring integrated wireless networking technology amongst a host of other features. These laptops are accessible to PC and Windows products, so Apple users are no longer isolated from the rest of the world. Plus, in many cases they tend to outperform competing laptop PCs.

This move really shook up the PC world. Macs, Intel and Microsoft all working together in one fantastic, stylish package that comes at a highly affordable price. How can you possibly say no? Apple laptops are the perfect match for the hardened techie and the technically impaire - there's one to suit everybody.