Creating a Peaceful Atmosphere for Your Home Office

Those who work from a home office probably end up spending more time there than anywhere else, therefore having an office that is both comfortable, peaceful and productive is imperative. While your home office may come with certain limitations that you must work around, such as the size of the space, most all home offices can be improved to some extent and made more inviting.

Making Your Space an Oasis

You will first want to have a dedicated space for your office, no matter how small. Even if you only have a small corner in a room used for other things, try to make it your own. A folding Chinese screen can be wonderful to delineate your office space from other parts of the room. Choose your favorite, soothing color, and paint your office walls. One addition many people swear by is a small, bubbling water fountain. Try it out first, however-while most people find the sound soothing, others find it downright annoying.

If you have the space, set up a separate sitting area from your desk and computer with a small sofa or comfortable overstuffed chair. Sometimes merely taking a break from your computer area, grabbing a cup of tea or coffee and settling into a comfortable chair can change your environment just enough to give you that much-needed burst of creativity. It's a good way to brainstorm, or simply sit quietly and gaze out the window, clearing your mind and getting in a little meditation. If you are lucky enough to have an entire room for your office, go one step further and add a small area where you can stretch, engage in a bit of yoga, or lay on the floor and let your mind clear for a time.

The Importance of Lighting

It's imperative that your office be well-lit, preferably with lots of natural lighting. If you can swing it, having a skylight installed is ideal for letting natural sunlight stream into your office. You will probably need to have multiple options for lighting, such as regular overhead lighting, a desk light, and a light in your sitting area. If you have windows in your office, add blinds as well as pretty curtains, then if the sunlight is too bright you can simply adjust the blinds.

Organization is Key

The primary way you can keep your office calm and peaceful is to keep it neat, clean and organized. After all, an office which is chaotic and full of piles of unkempt paperwork is hardly calming. Once your office is clean and orderly, it really only requires a commitment to straighten up at the end of each day-a task which takes less than ten minutes. Disorganization creates stress, and leaves you less productive as well, so it's well worth the time spent doing your initial organization in your office.

Keep Your Office Single-Purpose

It can be tempting to use extra space in your office for storage or some other purpose, but resist this temptation at all costs. Keeping your office dedicated to your work not only tells your family members that when you are in your office you are working, but allows you to clearly separate work and personal space.

More Tips

Plants in your office can make it cozy and natural, as well as adding crucial oxygen to the air. Try to maintain your office temperature at a level where you are not too hot or too cold. If you are too warm, then you are uncomfortable and may get sleepy as well. If it's cold in your office, you are thinking about being cold rather than concentrating on your work, so try to maintain the perfect temperature. Maintaining a quiet and peaceful atmosphere can allow you to look forward to going to work each day.