Choosing Office Plants

Not only are plants a beautiful addition to any office décor, but green plants are known to absorb harmful toxins from the air and to improve the air you breathe by increasing oxygen levels. Plants also provide visual stimulation, help people relax, and increase productivity.

Fortunately, there are hundreds of plant varieties that can survive indoors - in your home, office, or home office - even if you don't have a green thumb!

Popular Office Plants

Here are some of the most popular office plants, all affordable and requiring minimal care!

Rubber plant or Rubber tree: Other than a minimum of two hours direct sunlight daily through a window or skylight, these office favorites require little care, grow large, and look terrific!

Spider Plant: Often grown in hanging baskets to show off their festive-looking long stems, spider plants flourish easily in almost any amount of light! You can even create matching spider plants to place all around your home office by removing the miniature spider plants growing along the stem of the main plant, and placing them in nutrient-dense water until they sprout their own roots! You can then give them a pot or basket of their own.

Christmas Cactus: Not actually a cactus, this flowering plant from the "succulent" plant family needs moderate amounts of water and several hours of either sun or artificial light daily. Of its two varieties, the Easter cactus blooms at Easter time, while the Christmas cactus flowers in the early winter.

Aloe: An easy-to-grow attractive desert plant that requires minimal water but a lot of light. Aloe also has time-proven medicinal properties, and its sap is used as a nutritional supplement, as well as to treat burns, scratches, and other skin ailments. You can grow new aloe plants by detaching plantlets from the main stem and rooting them.

African Violet: A longtime favorite in indoor and office plants, African violets bloom year-round and grow in a variety of colors. They flourish best in small containers, require high light conditions, and should be watered from the bottom of the pot or tray, since wet leaves damage the plant. Remarkably, when available lighting is low, African violet leaves stretch towards the nearest light source!

Devil's Ivy or Pathos Ivy: Easy to grow even in low light conditions, these attractive plants feature a cascading vine comprised of deep green leaves which are best showcased in a hanging basket (and which need to be pruned due to rapid growth!) To replicate, simply place a cut-off piece of the vine in nutrient-dense water and watch it sprout new roots!

Parlor Palm: The perfect home office plant for anyone vying for a taste of the tropics... This palm tree can grow several feet tall, tolerates low light and low sunlight conditions, and does not require daily watering.

Artificial and Silk Office Plants

To plant beauty in your office space without the toil or soil, invest in top-quality artificial/silk plants or flowers! Often indistinguishable from their real plant counterparts, artificial plants, bushes, trees, and floral arrangements will spruce up and brighten up any office space, or you can custom order and design your own bouquets!

Decorative Plant Containers

Finally, to show off and showcase your office greenery - including standing plants, table-top plants, and hanging plants - select from a wide variety of decorative plant containers. Available in an assortment of sizes, colors, finishes, and textures, select the plant holders that best match or compliment your existing home office décor!