Assembling Your Office Desk

Congratulations on your new office desk. Now all you have to do is figure out how to put the thing together. A lot is determined by the type of desk you've purchased. The basic office desks are often labeled Flat Packed or Ready to Assemble. You shouldn't have much trouble at all setting them up.

You won't need any serious tools, either. It may even be possible to snap the pieces together without any tools whatsoever. But if you do need tools it's likely that the desk will be packaged with a screwdriver or small Allen wrench to help with assembly.

Floor Protection

The larger office desks come in a variety of forms: partially assembled or in pieces. Before you begin setting up the large desk, you'll need to put the parts in the place where you will want the desk to stand. You may want to protect your flooring prior to assembly by first laying down a furniture pad or blanket.

Now you can begin opening the package. Do this by cutting through the taped edges so you won't damage the box. Take out all the desk pieces, and watch for the assembly instruction sheet. Compare the pieces with the list contained in the instructions. 

Read all the way through the instructions before beginning construction. Check the tool list and gather the tools you'll need. You may need a hammer or mallet for ensuring that the pieces lay flush.

Winging It

In the event there are no instructions included, you may have to wing it. The preferred method is to work backward, with the desktop on the floor. The desktop is the heaviest, most unwieldy piece of your desk and it will be easier for you to check that the legs are secure and level once attached but before they need bear the weight of the desktop. You may need another set of hands to hold the legs steady when you attach them. Don't attempt to put the drawers in just yet.

If the desk is lightweight, you may be able to turn it right-side-up without assistance. Start by turning the desk onto its side. Then you can try to pull it up and into its place. If the desk is heavy, you'll need to find someone to help you. Otherwise, you may injure yourself or your new desk.

Furniture glides, attached to the legs of your desk, may enable you to move the desk into place. Or, you can use a rug or blanket to get the desk as close as possible to its final destination. Then all you need to do is turn the desk and slide it into place.